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Want to lower your E9X M3, but you don't want to lose your OEM EDC functionality? Then here's your solution with this KW Adjustable Spring Sleeve-over kit! Lowering your M3 used to mean losing electronic dampening control system, but with this spring sleeve-over set up, you get all the benefits of an adjustable coilover without losing your EDC! This means you get a nice drop without any losses!



The KW Adjustable Spring Sleeve-over Kit has the ability to drop the front 0.5"-1.2" and the rear 0.2"-0.5". Each side has an individual ride height adjustment. Also, with the progressive spring rates that come with the kit, an overall performance gain will be found. It is EDC (Electronic Dampening Control) compatible, but can also be used with vehicles not equipped with the EDC system. The kit includes a set of 4 lowering springs, reinforced replacement bumpstops, replacement rubber shock sleeves, adjustable spring perches, and front/rear ride height adjustment tools. This kit also comes with a limited 5 year warranty by the manufacturer. 



All 2007-2012 E9X M3

This includes the E90 Sedan, E92 Coupe, and the E93 Cabrio / Convertible