E9X 335 (N54) - Active Autowerke Blow Off Valve Kit (BOV)

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The Active Autowerke Blow Off Valve, also known as the BOV, increases the capacity of a higher boost for the 335i N54 engine! The AA BOV is built to withstand the excess pressure build-up against the turbo compressor impeller blades. This excess pressure can potentially damage the compressor wheel and shaft due to the impeller spin being stopped by the pressure. Not only does this BOV kit help your turbos withstand more boost, but you will also be getting that awesome "whoosh!" turbo sound that everybody loves! 


  • High-efficiency single displacement BOV – takes place of two smaller plastic valves
  • Large opening can handle maximum boost, provide high flow
  • Proven and tested to handle 600+ HP
  • All aluminum venturi design with factory-style throttle clamp
  • CNC machined flange
  • Durable black powder-coated wrinkle finish
  • Illustrated instruction manual & installation guide for easy “Plug ‘n Play”