E9X 3-Series - H&R Sport Springs

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This is the most popular set of springs used for the BMW E9X 3-Series. Many would agree with this set over many others as it gives you a nice drop without compromising handling. There are a lot of BMW's running this spring set with either a stock suspension or have paired them up with Koni or similar shocks.


The H&R Sport Springs are great for daily driving and aren't very bouncy. They are designed for use with either the stock shocks/struts or aftermarket struts as well. This is great for people who don't want to dish out hundreds of dollars for a complete coilover set.  Another plus is that these are 100% German made! What more could you want? You get a nice drop, a comfortable ride, a German product for a German car, can use either your choice of OEM or aftermarket shocks, without any downsides! 

Lowering Specs:

Front-1.3 inches

Rear- 1.2 inches


Any BMW E9X 3-Series. Just choose whether you car is either 4-wheel drive (XI) or 2-Wheel Drive in the option box before adding to your cart!