LUX V4 H8 LED BMW Angel Eyes

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The LUX H8 V4 Rings are the most popular product and has the widest range of vehicle compatibility. LUX H8 Angel eyes are the premium LED angel eyes for your BMW. They offer the highest brightness of any LED angel eye and a simple install process. LUX H8 is 100% plug and play requiring no cutting, drilling, or modifying your headlights. LED angel eyes are unique to halogen or xenon angel eyes because they are designed specifically to make both the inner and outer ring equal brightness while maximizing brightness.

Other brands of angel eyes might claim theirs are 5 watt, 10 watt or even 20 watts, however those numbers have no bearing on the brightness of the product. Our LUX H8 V4 produces well over 800 lumens of light making it the brightest of All LED Angel eye products on the market.

The LUX H8 V4 uses a unique power supply that is over 98% efficiency and does not need a heat sink for cooling since it produces no heat

Please Note: the Angel eyes may flicker upon starting the car as a result of the CANBUS check system of the car.

      • 9 color settings from 5,000K – 12,000K
      • 100% no Dimming in all headlight modes
      • No flickering on startup
      • Fully Fused and No EMI
      • New Heatsink design for Much easier installation
      • Overall significantly brighter than the LUX H8 V3
      • US Patent Pending

     The LUX H8 V4 angel eyes use 8 of the newest Cree LED’s to offers unmatched brightness while its patented pending design makes both the inner and outer angel eyes as bright as possible. The new patented pending heatsink has a single flat side which correlates with the connector side of a standard H8 bulb, allowing for easier orientation when installing

     How do these lights compare to the competition: Other brands out there claim they are 20W, 32W, or even 40W but not only are they all identical, they are only about ½ the brightness at best. These no-name brands dim to 1/3 total brightness when the headlights turn on, are not fused for protection and create EMI which can interfere with the radio. As well most of these come with no warranty and no support. All LUX Products come with our guaranteed customer support and a 1-year warranty.

     To adjust the color settings on the LUX H8 V4 there are 4 switches on the bottom of the power supply with a label next to it with the associated color. Simply adjust the position of the switches and the intensity of the white and blue LED’s will result in a new color. Please note that the bottom 4 color settings (7,800K – 12,000K) are for Off-Road Use Only due to the blue hue of the light.

  Product Compatibility:

      • 1-series and 1M – E82 | (2007-Current)
      • 3-series Coupes – E92 | (2006-2010)
      • 3-series Convertibles – E93 | (2006-2010)
      • 3-series Sedan LCI (with Xenon) – E90 | (2009-2012)
      • M3 coupes /convertible / sedans – E90, E92, E93 | ( 2006-Current)
      • 5-series Sedan LCI | (2008-2010)
      • X1 (with Xenon) – E84 | (2010-2012)
      • X5 ( with Xenon) - E70 | (2007-2011)
      • X6 – E71 | (2008-2012)
      • X5M / X6M – E70 / E71 | (2008-Current)
      • Z4 – E89 | (2009-Current)


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