LUX V5 Color Adjustable H8 Angel Eyes

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     LUX Angel Eyes is proud to announce its latest product, the LUX H8 Version 5 Color Adjustable Angel Eyes.  Designed as a successor to the popular LUX H8 V4 angel eyes, these lights offer a significant increase and brightness and overall. These one of a kind angel eyes features a Color Adjustment that will allow you to change the light color from a neutral white 5000K to a cool blue 12,000K Color ( See note below about off-road use on certain settings) . There are 9 pre-set color settings that are adjustable by small switches on the power supply

      The LUX H8 V5 offers the following Features:

      • 9 color settings from 5,000K – 12,000K
      • The halogen equivalent of 120 watts of light
      • 100% no Dimming in all headlight modes
      • No flickering on Self Check Sequence
      • Fully Fused and No EMI
      • New Heatsink design for Much easier installation
      • Brightest H8 Style LED Angel Eyes on the Market
      • US Patent Number 8,749,143
** Please Note - the Fade on/off feature of the angel eyes may cause the lights to pulse rather than fade smoothly

     The LUX H8 V5 angel eyes use 8 of the latest and most efficient Cree LED's to offers unmatched brightness while its patented design makes both the inner and outer angel eyes as bright as possible. The new patented pending heat sink has a single flat side which correlates with the connector side of a standard H8 bulb, allowing for easier orientation when installing

     Brightness: The LUX H8 V5 angel eyes product a total of 2400 lumen which is halogen equivalent of 120 watts of light! Since the LUX H8 V5’s do not dim they stay at this brightness all the time. Many competitor bulbs are listed at 20w, 40w, or even 80w, however they do not live up to their claims. These lights will dim with the car and even an 80w brand only produces the equivalent of 70 watts of light total, and dims down to a 40w total when the headlights are on. The stock bulbs are rated at 35 watt each, 70 watt total. Our LUX H8 V5 lights are 1.7 times brighter than the stock bulbs in the daytime and about 3x as bright when the headlights are on. All LUX Products come with our
guaranteed customer support and a 1-year warranty.

     To adjust the color settings on the LUX H8 V5 there are 4 switches on the bottom of the power supply with a label next to it with the associated color. Simply adjust the position of the switches and the intensity of the white and blue LED’s will result in a new color. Please note that the bottom 4 color settings (7,800K – 12,000K) are for Off-Road Use Only due to the blue hue of the light.

  Product Compatibility:

      • 1-series and 1M – E82 | (2007-2012)
      • 3-series Coupes – E92 | (2006-2010) ***
      • 3-series Convertibles – E93 | (2006-2010)
      • 3-series Sedan LCI (with Xenon) – E90 | (2009-2012)
      • M3 coupes /convertible / sedans – E90, E92, E93 | ( 2006-2013)
      • 5-series Sedan LCI | (2008-2010)
      • X1 (with Xenon) – E84 | (2010-2012)
      • X5 ( with Xenon) - E70 | (2007-2011)
      • X6 – E71 | (2008-2012)
      • X5M / X6M – E70 / E71 | (2008-2012)
      • Z4 – E89 | (2009-2012)

*** Please Note: E92 Coupes Manufactured before March 2007 are not compatible at this time

      Coming Soon: Compatibility with the F01/F02 7-series
      Coming Soon: Compatibility with the Pre-March 2007 E92 coupes